Community Learning Centers


Leratong Community Learning Center was built by students from Wittenberg University (Springfield, OH) in 2008 to provide a safe place to learn and play for children in the greater Roma community. Since 2012, we have collaborated with partners to provide funding for the day to day management of the facility, gardens, water projects and more. We have held entrepreneurial workshops and grief counseling sessions and work with the community to identify ongoing capacity-building and resource needs. The daily operations are managed by, Maciy, one of our Team Lesotho members. 

We have plans to break ground on another CLC in Ha Ramabanta, Lesotho in 2019!

Grief Counseling


We hold grief counseling certification courses through our partnership with the NGO Hope for Grieving Children. It is through these courses that members of communities from all around Lesotho learn how to host their own grief counseling sessions within their communities, which fosters healing throughout this beautiful country. After this in depth course participants become certified grief counselors.

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